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Nyla Bright writes in Seven Hills, Ohio. She is a member of several local writing groups including The Cajun Sushi Hamsters from Hell and The Gentle Ladies Adventure Society & Liquor Adjacent Debate Club. Her Bachelors in English Literature and Masters of Science in Management Information Systems come in handy when wrangling her son, dog, cats, turtle, and husband.

Writing Style

As a newer writer, I don't have a hard-set style. I write what moves me and what fits the story I want to tell. Someday I'm sure I will settle down to a genre or voice but for now, I'm just having fun.

Writing Goal

I will revise and submit 2 stories a week for publication. Likely there will be a few new stories in there too as I have no self control. Spur me on by pledging or donating.

Fundraising Goal

Give a $1 or $100. All I care is you care to support writers.

writing goal:
12 stories sent out


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