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I'm a graduate of the 2016 Clarion workshop, and would not have been able to attend without the assistance of scholarships. So: yay scholarships.

Writing Style

If Stephen King and Virginia Woolf had a semi-literate child together, I would want to be best friends with that child. As for my style, I have no clue.

Writing Goal

Basically, I'm shooting for a thousand words a day, every day.

Fundraising Goal

As I mention in my bio, I would not have been able to attend Clarion if it were not for the generosity of others who made my scholarships possible. There are very few writing workshops that are: A. Open to those without college degrees; B. Open to those who do not have thousands of dollars to spare; C. Run by brilliant, generous people who are at the top of their field. I would love for more people to get the chance to take this life-changing opportunity, so I hope to raise at least $100.

writing goal:
42000 words written


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