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Write-a-Thon Team: Clarion Ghost Class (2021)

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Chelsea Sutton writes weird fiction and impossible plays and films. She was a 2016 PEN America Emerging Voices Fellow and member of the Clarion 2020/21 class. She was a 2018 Sewanee Writers Conference Playwright Fellow, a writer in residence at Willapa Bay AiR in 2017, a Humanitas PlayLA award winner. MFA UC Riverside.

Writing Style

Magical Realism / Slipstream. Always weird, always a little dark. "Dystopias with a sense of humor" has been used to describe it.

Writing Goal

I write in multiple genres and have a lot of goals. I'm using this as a way to push forward on several projects: 1 Novel draft. 3 Short Stories. 2 Play drafts. 1 Feature screenplay. 1 Podcast Episode. 2 Short Film Drafts. And a couple outlines for a novella and musical. This roughly comes out to the following PER DAY Goal: 1 Novel Chapter, 350 words of a short story, 3 Pages of a Stage play, 3 Pages of a Screen or Audio Play. Instead of hopping from project to project, I may choose to do more pages of one thing and less of another on a day.

Fundraising Goal

I'd like to raise $500

writing goal:
65000 words written


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