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Thom Dunn is a writer, musician, and new media artist. He is currently a writer for the New York Times' Wirecutter, a Huntington Playwriting Fellow, and a regular contributor to Upworthy and other sites. His plays have been read or performed in New York, Boston, Hollywood, Alaska, and more, and he's also published fiction with Long Hidden and comic books for Grayhaven Comics & Ninth Art Press. Thom has also written essays, criticisms, and other vaguely-non-fictional ramblings for Medium, Quirk Books and Tor; and poetry in Asimov's and others. You can find his songs on Spotify, iTunes, and BandCamp as well. A graduate of Emerson College and the Clarion Writer's Workshop at the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination, Thom enjoys mythophysics, robots and whiskey, and Oxford commas, and firmly believes that Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" is the single greatest atrocity ever committed against mankind. He lives in Boston and Ithaca with his wife and way too many weird stringed instruments. Thom is represented by the Kepner Agency.

Writing Style

I mean, it depends on what I'm writing, doesn't it? In which case, the current answer is a satirically over-earnest near-future exploration of the addictive nature of conspiracy theorists.

Writing Goal

I'm currently working on the second drafts for 2 different projects: a playwriting commission about climate change, and a novel about an addiction support group for conspiracy theorists in a near-future technological dystopia. I hope to use this time to get them both polished up and ready for the next step!

Fundraising Goal

Raising money can be difficult right now, but if I can get $250, I'd be happy.

writing goal:
70 Scenes Edited


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