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I attended Clarion in 1978. It changed my writing and it changed my life. Today, I write fiction that exists in the borderland between genres, where life is interesting and the rules are slippery. I’m very grateful that science fiction exists, since it has provided a home for seven of my eight novels and many of my short stories. In my current day job, I am the resident Evil Genius at, where I create science activities to inspire and amaze elementary school students to love science as much as I do.(And yes, I am wearing electrodes in the photo. I volunteered to be part of a brain study. It was great fun.)

Writing Goal

I'm shooting for 7 hours of writing for each week of the 6-week Write-a-thon. By my (unscientific) reckoning, that should let me finish up two short stories and make some progress on a novelette.

writing goal:
42 Writing at least an hour a day, for all 42 days of Clarion


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