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John Appel volunteered to jump out of planes before he'd ever been in a plane. Friends and family say this sums up his approach to life pretty well. After a stint as a US Army cavalry scout, John worked jobs ranging from DJ in an oldies bar to radio technician before falling into IT in the 1990s, and then information security. His two decades in infosec have carried him to places as varied as Sydney, Amsterdam, and Garden City, NY. His life-long tabletop gaming hobby led to writing adventures for the games Shadowrun and Thousand Suns, prompting him to put the other stories in his head onto the page. A native Marylander, John lives with his wife and two children in the Baltimore suburbs. When not writing, rolling dice, or keeping the bad guys at bay, he enjoys rum and swords, but not both at the same time. John is a graduate of the Viable Paradise writing workshop.

Writing Style

Hardish-SF in a thriller mode. If the shade of Alistair MacLean was collaborating with the James S.A. Corey team.

Writing Goal

I'm starting the first draft of my next book, so my goal is to push through the first quarter of the projected 100k words total.

writing goal:
25000 words written


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