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I'm from the dramatic mountains of Colorado, then to the deep snows of Alaska to the green vegetation of California. All my life, I have told, written, or drawn stories. After graduating from college at Colorado University in Boulder, I became a first-grade teacher in Alaska and Kindergarten in San Francisco, and then art in Oakland elementary. I have returned to the writing after years teaching art to children; 10 years as a professional gardener; and 12 years as storyteller at Asia Art Museum, plus telling at swaps, etc.; while activity in SCBWI, Society of Children's Writers and Illustrators; NSN, National Storytelling Network; SAC, Storytelling Association of California, and CWC, the California Writers Club in Berkeley, CA. It's never too late to finish a project and sometimes time, distance, and experience makes a better story.

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Bobbie writes fantasies about faeries, elfin folk, trolls, pixies, tree sheegahshees, and all the other spirits in the InBetween realms in nature, as well as telling a good tale. She is also working on a collections of folk and fairy tales and myths in the series called 'Timeless Tales Told.

Writing Goal

GOAL: for the 2020 Write-a-Thon, my goal is to edit 22 folktales stories as chapters for "Able Women" for the series of folktales and mythical beliefs called 'Timeless Tales Told.' Each story has an introductory frame, "Why I liked this story." related to the story. Including are conversations about the balance between males and females and the affect on listeners and readers---> norms and morals!

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Sponsors. please pledge a dollar for each story written. Your pledge sparks my encouragement while helping Clarion meet their goals for the Write-a-Thon.

writing goal:
22 chapters written


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