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I'm a writer living in Dayton, OH and Columbus OH, commuting to art school. My first book of short stories, The Angels of Our Better Beasts (Chizine Publications), was longlisted for the Sunburst Award. My work has appeared in F&SF,, Fantasy, Lightspeed's Queers Destroy Science Fiction, Geist, Joyland, The Rio Grande Review, Icarus, Strange Horizons, On Spec, and several Tesseracts Anthologies. I've also edited a few anthologies like Tesseracts 18: Wrestling With Gods and Imaginarium 4.

Writing Style

I like writing character driven stories, but I really like the sense of wonder that authors like Ray Bradbury have.

Writing Goal

This is to help me carry on the work of writing two novellas in progress. I'd like to write 40,000 words--or 6, 666.5 words a week (802 words a day). That's a doable amount and one I'd be proud to accomplish. My first novella is almost finished---concerning a chef who's been promoted to diplomat to determine reparations for a culture Earth wronged during the last war. It's about how to say I'm Sorry that means something to those who have been hurt. The second is a gay college student searching for his birthfather at an astronomy convention, anonymously. I aim to get them both completed by August, when I start school.

Fundraising Goal

$100. It's a modest goal, but I'd like to help Clarion out because they helped me so much!

writing goal:
40000 words written


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