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I attended Clarion in 2012, which means I have lots of good examples to follow. I am following slowly.

Writing Style

I love non-human POVs. I tend to concentrate first on plot and second on character. I care about making what I write approachable. Having graduated with a history degree, I'm more qualified to write (and write more) fantasy than science fiction, and I take excruciating pains to get my historical facts right. Because my paying job is as an editor, I can generally keep the number of grammatical and structural errors low.

Writing Goal

I want to finish first drafts of two short stories from which to choose for the third Awkward Robots (Clarion Class of 2012) Anthology, the Yellow Volume (http://awkwardrobots.org/), which we're working on during the write-a-thon. Because my sons are 6 years and one-and-a-half, your contributions and my commitment to meeting my goal to you are probably the only things that could get me through two drafts that quickly.

Fundraising Goal

I'd like to raise $200 for Clarion while working on my writing this summer.

writing goal:
2 short stories written


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