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Write-a-Thon Team: Rocketship Spatula

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Clarion 2013. Currently warping the minds of small children in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

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I like to find an emotion and make people feel it as hard as I can. I like fannish protagonists and xenolinguistics. I like kids dealing with hard life stuff they don't have words for yet, and also dealing with the inevitable [insert speculative fiction element here, ideally something to do with unspeakable body/mind horror]. Despite what my Clarion classmates would say, I do not always reference the Sarah Jane Adventures. Someday I should probably write a short horror story where the magic system isn't "because fuck you, that's why." I could get better at editing.

Writing Goal

Edit all remaining chapters of my novel until it is in decent shape.

Fundraising Goal

Something, at least.

writing goal:
20 chapters edited


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