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Nino Cipri is a queer and genderqueer writer living in Chicago. Nino is a graduate of the 2014 Clarion Writers’ Workshop. Their writing has been published in Crossed Genres,, Fireside Fiction, Betwixt, Daily Science Fiction, The Journal of Unlikely Entomology, In The Fray, Autostraddle, and Gozamos. A multidisciplinary artist, Nino has also written plays, screenplays, and radio features; performed as a dancer, actor, and puppeteer; and worked as a backstage theater tech. One time, an angry person called Nino a verbal terrorist, which has since made a great T-shirt slogan.

Writing Style

I write a lot about feelings and time travel and monsters.

Writing Goal

1.) Write the second part of a short story about AI, climate change, gender, and revolution. 2.) Finish drafting another short story. 3.) Write one "IT HAPPENED TO ME" story for my patreon.

writing goal:
15000 words written


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