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Write-a-Thon Team: Awkward Robots

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Lara is a graduate of the Clarion Class of 2012, a certified Awkward Robot. Her work appears in or is forthcoming from Strange Horizons, Mythic Delirium, Escape Pod, and Nightmare. Her debut novel, Amberlough, (now available for pre-order!) is due out from Tor Books in February 2017.

Writing Style

Lately it seems that Lara's historical and fairy tale fiction has lost out to icky sexual horror. So, sorry about that.

Writing Goal

Lara's working on a short story, "The Urchin," for the Awkward Robots' third fundraising anthology: The Yellow Volume. For more information, check out

Fundraising Goal

Any amount donated to Lara's Write-A-Thon campaign will get you a free eBook of the Yellow Volume. Alternatively, once the volume is published, it will be available for pay-what-you-will, with all proceeds benefitting the Clarion Foundation. (It's possible that this year the AwkBots will be offering physical books at certain donation levels, too!)

writing goal:
4000 words written


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