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Ferrett Steinmetz's debut urban fantasy FLEX (and its sequels THE FLUX and FIX) feature a bureaucracy-obsessed magician who is in love with the DMV, a goth videogamemancer who tries not to go all Grand Theft Auto on people, and one of the weirder magic systems yet devised. He was nominated for the Nebula in 2012, for which he remains moderately stoked, and lives in Cleveland with his very clever wife, a small black dog of indeterminate origin, and a friendly ghost. He Tweeters at @ferretthimself, and blogs entirely too much about puns, politics, and polyamory at www.theferrett.com. (Or, if your work has blocked his site, try it mirrored at theferrett.livejournal.com.)

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So as y'all may know, The Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop broke me out of a twenty-year writers' stall. And a lot of people have said to me, "Ferrett, I'd really love to do Clarion - but I don't have thousands of dollars and I don't have six weeks." The good news is that you can now have at least a small taste of the Clarion experience. Because to help out Clarion, I'm gonna be liveblogging six weeks' of writing, plotting my novel live with you all on-board, asking questions. By plotting, I think you'll get a much deeper look into what bits of thought go into plotting scenes, et al. In addition, I'll be critiquing not one, but six stories as I would critique the stories given to me by other writers. That's right; it's gonna be six weeks' worth of Clarion-level analysis of stories, all in blogged form. The trick? To access all of this, you have to donate at least $10 to the Clarion Write-A-Thon in my name. I'd appreciate it if you could donate more, obviously - your donations will help keep Clarion alive, and provide a nice healthy scholarship fund for those who want to go but can't afford it. And even if you're not a writer and have zero interest, I'd really appreciate helping me in this blog-a-thon. Once you submit, I'll allow you access to the clarion_echo community, where you'll see what I've written, along with commentary. Also, if you're willing to have your writing analyzed by a small community - which is, essentially, what Clarion is - I'll choose three stories from various clarion_echo members and really analyze it with the closeness I give to my fellow professional writers. In short, for six weeks, I'm going to try my damndest to run a writing community that really looks at what works and what doesn't in fiction. Why am I calling it clarion_echo? Because frankly, what I'm doing is a very, very faint echo of what the full Clarion experience can give you. For one thing you have me as the "lead" - I've written two well-received novels, but I'm not nearly as good as the guys who are the real teachers this year. But hey, for $10, what do you have to lose?

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