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Vancouverite doctoral student studying bioethics at McGill University. My thesis is currently titled "The Role for Images of Human Genomic Engineering in Assessing Societal Views Relevant to Policy". I attended Clarion UCSD in 2016 (and had a great time). Tiny twitter account at @derek___so

Writing Style

I tend to write high-concept SF with a wry or satirical bent, often playing with literalized metaphors. My current novel-in-progress is a weird metafictional story about the designer-baby industry, following a small cast of characters over the course of its development from a bespoke, artist-centric business model to something more like the flesh version of Apple. I have recently changed all the chapter titles to puns.

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1000 words each morning on my novel

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Let's start with $100 and take it from there if things work out

writing goal:
40000 words written


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