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I attended Clarion in 1984. Since then I have written off and on, submitting several short stories, most which were "Thanks, but No Thanks", although I did get a few favourable Rejection letters, and even a request for a re-submission (which was subsequently rejected). Over the years I have not actually spent much time WRITING, although a fair amount of time has been spent on PLOTTING. I prefer writing novel length - I just don't think in short story length when I am coming up with ideas.

Writing Style

Chaotic!!!!! (sorry - couldn't resist!)

Writing Goal

My goal is 200 words/day. So a unit for me would be 200 words. If I am able to complete 50 units, that would be 10,000 words. At the moment I have not selected which piece of work I will be concentrating on - I have several projects started and may just spread it out over multiple stories. The main thing is getting the writing done!!!

Fundraising Goal

How does $1 for every unit I complete? Which would be $50 if I make my ultimate goal of 10,000 words. Otherwise, anything anyone would like to sponsor towards my total of $500 raised would be awesome.

writing goal:
50 words written


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